The Three Stooges

  • Do you wonder why Democrats and Republicans get along so well
  • No Supervision
  • Money out the butt...  OUR MONEY!

Repeal of the 17th Amendment is needed

The Three Stooges


Read a brief history of why the 17th was ratified...

Current Information

Senators should be in their home state talking with their state legislators about national issues

What to do.

What we have to do and Why!!

The Senate

Current Events from the Senate

Current news about the Senate or a Senator that brings home a point about how the Senate is out of control and in need of SUPERVISION

Comments about the Senate

Comments made about the Senate and the differences if the State versus Voters elect Senators... 

What WE have to do!

We as voters and citizens have to take the lead here.  We have to bug the crap out of our state legislatures until they relent and do what is needed to be done...

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We love America and the way the Founders established the Constitution and it should be returned by repealing the 17th Amendment