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Senate Republicans have failed us!

 There are a lot of problems that would be solved by just repealing the  17th...  Voters are weary of a convention so, take it slow, one  thing at a time and make them count...  Repealing 17 would wrestle back  control of the Senate and give the states representation again. 


Two senators from each state does not give that state equal representation in the US Congress under the 17th Amendment.  It does give major donors, lobbyists and party officials 2 more votes to purchase...  


" I  have to live in Minnesota with two liberal democrat senators with a  republican majority in the house? Case in point. Big cities with  concentration of welfare voters elect our senators. Not right. "

Lets not let other issues get in front of the importance of this repeal

***   And we must also abolish the Federal Reserve, created in 1913 as well. 

 If we all concentrate on one thing at a time, we can get it done...  Our  government was bastardized when the 17th was passed. It took the voices  of the state legislatures out of the federal government.   It was  passed to make passing liberal (progressive) legislation easier.  If we  reverse this first, their is a lot of stuff we may not have to do...   But, undoing the 17th will set a precedent of using the other way of  amending the constitution...  Doing so will put the congress on  notice...